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TCXPI Young Scholars Afrocentric Enrichment Program Session #2 Begins Saturday, May 6,2023.

TCXPI YSEP's mission is to provide culturally relevant and sustaining enrichment opportunities to at-risk/high-potential African American youth, ages 8-15, to foster positive self-identity, self-determination, self-pride, self-respect, and self-worth in order to have a positive impact on their lives and within their communities

TCXPI’s vision is that all African American youth will realize their fullest potential and place each of their journey's traditions and heritage, at the center of their education, so they may too have access to equitable opportunities for personal, educational, professional, and career success.

Through rigorous training and hard work and dedication, they will achieve their highest Self.

Each quarterly session will include sessions which will meet for 6-Saturdays from 1030-1230pm at the West Oakland Public Library.

Session #1:

2/4 - 3/11

Session #2:

5/6 - 6/10

Session #3:

8/5 - 9/9

Session #4:

11/4 - 12/10

"Mama Chinue X"

Cynthia D. Cornelius, MA.Ed

Principal Consultant

The Chinue X Project Inc.

An Afrocentric Educational Resource Service.

Oakland, CA.


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