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An Online Teachable Moment In AI Art

#Midjourney* is an online platform that offers daily themes to generate/create for "self-learners". As a recent newcomer, I am learning quite a bit about its use, from its software development to the diversity, equity, and inclusivity.


Tuesday 11.21.2023

Today's Midjourney Daily Theme: "Demiurge"

According to the American Research Center in Egypt ARCE:

"The god who personified the sun was one of the most important and widely-venerated of Egypt’s deities. Re was considered a demiurge, or creator god, who brought himself and the rest of the pantheon into being at the beginning of time. He was also central to the ideology of kingship."

Creator Gods in Kemetic History:

Ausar Auset Heru




Do The Research

*The importance of diversity and representation in artificial intelligence software development.

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