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As an Oakland Native and a product of Oakland, CA public school system and a parent if the same, education has always been in the forefront of my existence. Since I can remember, my parents were adamant believers, that learning and obtaining an education were crucial to being successful.

A perfect example of this is my mother obtaining her high school degree in 1977, that same year that I too graduated from high school. She felt that this was pivotal to her own success.

Success is not always measured by how much money you have in the bank, or how nice of a car or home you have. It is also measured by personal growth and professional development.

I would go on to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Africana Studies and a master’s degree in Equity and Social Justice in Education both from San Francisco State University

In 2011,  I decided to establish The Chinue X Project Inc, An Afrocentric Educational Resource Service, as a 501c3 corporation to chronicle and store the many contributions made by my ancestors.

This would be my personal contribution to bringing awareness to African American or Black History and the many contributions made to World and Human Civilization.  I would use social media platforms to present On This Day in TCXPI History - Daily Black History Facts online.

In May 2022, I created TCXPI AERS LLC to further expand my brand, with TCXPI Historical Fact cards as a viable product.




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