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Melanin Power

TCXPI Thoughts:

I have reclaimed my affinity for Melanin and its many attributes.

As a native of Oakland, CA and a product of the 60s and beyond, I have always had an affinity for the dark matter of melanin. Within my family dynamic, my paternal lineage is that of beautiful chocolate-covered humans whose skin was a dark hue that also possessed a light fur-like skin protectant.

We had a saying in my village in the 1960s that spoke to the racism and colorism that still exist today.

"The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice."

This was our personal affirmation to the importance, potency, and influence of melanin and dark skin to the universe as a whole.

Melanin as described by Jade Asikiwe in her enchanting book "Melanin Empath", is “the dark matter present in every being of the universe, existing on even a cellular level. It’s the core unit of existence with the power to emit and absorb energy… The purest form of melanin is black because it absorbs all color”

According to the book, people with more melanin have innate physical, emotional, and spiritual inclinations that less melanated beings cannot attain, as easily.   

I would encourage you to purchase this for your own personal self care.

Honor & RAspect

Chinue X

CEO and Founder

The Chinue X Project Inc TCXPI

An Afrocentric Educational Resource Service

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