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TCXPI3000 An Afrocentric AI Art Perspective.

January 30, 2024

September 2023 began my in-depth interaction and exploration of Artificial Intelligence Art through an Afrocentric lens.

Historically, Afrocentrism a worldview that centers on the history of people of African descent or a biased view that favors it over non-African civilizations.

Afrocentricity places Black people and their experiences at the center of phenomena. In this context, Afrocentricity places Black students and their experiences at the center of the educational experience.

From an Afrocentric lens, we use for example Afro Surrealism.

Afro Surrealist first coined by Amiri Baraka in 1974, is art which combines elements of Surrealism with the experiences and perspectives of the African diaspora.

The Afro-Surrealist movement emerged in the early 21st century as a response to the lack of representation and inclusion of African diaspora in mainstream Surrealist art.

As an Afrocentric proponent,

effortlessly, I quickly realized its “negative aspects” early on – through various platforms such as Playground, Bing, Nightcafe and many others – of the racial stereotypes built into these systems that plague this oppressor-dominated society.

The disrespectful and distorted images that would generate when utilizing words that reflect Afrocentricity. It appeared to me that “Africa” was not being represented positively. It was so alarming to me, that I refused to continue to use.

I say that to say THIS:

Content/Digital Creators,

We have been given an opportunity to change negative narratives and stereotypes that have plagues us for a lifetime into a positive and empowering creations!

Choose wisely.

Chinue X

CEO and Founder

The Chinue X Project Inc

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