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Teach Ancient History Teach Black History


As an Afrocentric Educational Consultant, Author, and CEO and Founder of The Chinue X Project Inc TCXPI An Afrocentric Educational Resource Service, I am an adamant proponent for the inclusion of Black History in the US curriculum K-12 grades.

Education has always been something that eye was raised to value and appreciate. My parents had not received complete education in the south and therefore expected better for their 3 daughters in Oakland, CA. It was not until 1977, the year that I graduated from Skyline High, that my mother too would obtain her high school diploma.

After attending Oakland Public Schools for 13 years, I began my matriculation in the late 70s at Merritt College. Over the next 40 years, I would lead my own educational transformation, of centering myself in the context of my African heritage and culture.

I hold a Bachelor's in Africana Studies '08 and a Master in Equity and Social Justice in Education '13 both from San Francisco State University. It was during this time eye began to question my education or lack there of.

TCXPI was created as a response to my mis-education in the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) in the 60s & 70s

As a product of the OUSD and a parent of the same, I realized that Ancient & Black History had intentionally been distorted and omitted in courses that are suppose to set All students up for success and productivity as adults In society.

I believe that all students could benefit from learning Black History, which encompasess the entire world and includes Ancient History.

We should educate all people in fighting the bigotry of racism. The first vector of ignorance that spreads racism today is unfortunately the historiography about Africa, especially about Ancient Egyptian civilization.

The constant willing of denying the fact that Ancient Egypt was a Black African civilization is without any doubt part of vicious racism from the inheritance of the legacy of different invasions and conquests in Africa.

Here are brief excerpts from educational articles on the importance of Black History.

Four ReasonsTo Teach Black History To Young Children

"Without knowledge of history the world, for a young child, is a very small place. Black History provides our students with wonderful models of people who persevered in some of the most difficult situations. And we believe that teaching Black History to first and second graders will open their worlds and their hearts.

Our heroes in Black History may have been born at a time when our world was unjust and unfair to African Americans, but they did not let that define them. Instead, they moved forward, broke barriers, and achieved their goals against the odds."

1. To Teach Perseverance

"Perseverance is such a critical character trait to have at school and in life.

We don’t want our children to give up when faced with failure or obstacles.

We want our children to get back up and try again when they don’t succeed."

2. To Teach Courage

"Courage helps children learn to hold their heads high and face the unknown.

It helps them to bravely approach situations where they might be nervous or fearful, such as sharing an answer in class when there is a possibility of it being wrong."

3. To Teach Peaceful Problem Solving

"Life is full of problem-solving opportunities, big and small. It’s critical that children learn to solve problems, but it’s also important for them to learn peaceful ways to do so. Martin Luther King Jr. epitomized peaceful problem-solving."

4. To Nurture Lifelong Learning

"Of course, we want our students to become lifelong learners. We hope that as they progress through the years they grow into adults who continue to wonder, explore, investigate, and learn."

Why All Students Benefit From Learning Black History

Newark Trust | February 27, 2023

"Black History Month is a special time to reflect on the contributions and achievements of Black leaders, past and present, to inspire future contributions, innovation, and achievement. All students benefit from learning Black history. By teaching students the complete story of America’s history, they will have a deeper understanding of the society around them and be inspired to advocate for causes that align with their interests."

As a lifelong learner and educational consultant, I am committed to bringing awareness to the significant contributions made, not just post-african enslavement history, but pre-history.

Chinue X

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